Middleton Park Schools Heritage Day

On 18th May, children from primary schools around Middleton  took part in the annual Schools Heritage Day at Middleton Park. The event, organised by the Friends of Middleton Park community group provides an opportunity for children to get out of the classroom for a day to take part in a range of activities, including flowerbed design, charcoal making, mini-beast safaris and crown green bowling.

Tom Bliss measures a treeUBoC’s Tom Bliss (Business Development Coordinator) and Dr Cat Scott (LEAF coordinator) provided a workshop on how to identify and measure trees, so that their role in the climate/carbon cycle can be more accurately calculated.

The children were given sheets to help them to identify tree species by leaf shape and other factors, shown how to measure the girth of trees safely using tape measures and string, and then helped to test and evaluate four methods of estimating the height of a tree.

This formed an early experiment in what’s hoped will in time become a much larger UBoC / LEAF research exercise, working with schools and the general public to map and measure substantial numbers of trees in Britain, to gradually build a better understanding of how trees affect the climate system.