Colin Firth has launched a campaign to stop illegal logging driving the ‘world’s most threatened tribe’ to extinction

The Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth has launched a campaign to stop illegal logging driving the ‘world’s most threatened tribe’ to extinction. In this video the King’s Speech star encourages the viewers to put pressure on Brazil’s minister of justice, José Eduardo Cardozo to prioritise this issue and demand the loggers be driven out by law enforcement authorities.

Construction of the Belo Monte dam – in pictures

The Belo Monte hydropower plant in the Brazilian Amazon has attracted significant criticism, and these new photographs reveal the extent to which dam construction and deforestation have already started in the area.

The public perception is that hydro-electric projects are a good thing for the planet: renewable, fossil fuel-free and so on. The reality is that the non-renewable resources and emissions that go into the construction take years to amortize; and more dangerous still, when you flood rainforest, submerging huge quantities of vegetation and organic matter beneath the rising waters, the gradual decay over years and years releases huge amounts of greenhouse gases, particularly the dreaded methane – roughly 25 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. So the climate change benefit of rainforest hydro-electric projects is highly debatable, and that is before you take into account the infrastructure impact on biodiversity and on the people who call the rainforest home.

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