The Tiger Project

The Tiger Project

Regenerating Degraded Forest Corridors for Tigers and Elephants in Northern India


This is one of our smallest projects – a three kilometre corridor of land in remote northern India – but it is a matter of life and death to two of the most iconic land mammals, tigers and Asian elephants, endangered and at risk, symbols of the health of our planet.

These great animals are victims of the slash-and-burn destruction of tropical forest by growing populations, who have few options but to encroach on the migration corridors that link the protected National Parks and reserves. The resulting human-animal conflict can be life threatening on both sides.

There is another option, promoted successfully for ten years by the Wildlife Trust of India in partnership with the World Land Trust, whose founder patron is Sir David Attenborough.

In effect, this is to secure “land rights” for the tigers and elephants to be able to move freely along their traditional routes between protected reserves, as well as rights for the migrant human population on land away from the conflict zone, with good housing and support with improved farming techniques.

The wildlife corridor is then left to regenerate naturally into tropical forest with benefits both for local biodiversity and global climate change mitigation.

We already have two businesses supporting large wildlife corridor projects, and we are now looking for partners to trade their carbon foot-prints for healthy tiger-prints by funding land rights for both humans and animals on this 3 km corridor adjacent to the Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand Province.

As parcels of land are acquired piecemeal, and families are re-settled voluntarily in stages, this project will suit either a collaboration of supporter businesses willing to commit a minimum of £5,000 over a three year period, or one single supporter looking to adopt a major “tiger-print” signature project to call their own.

The United Bank of Carbon’s technical report for this project is currently being updated, please contact us for further information:

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