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Plans for Dam Withdrawn

I was delighted to learn this week that the Brazilian construction company planning to build one of the dams on Ashaninka land in the Peruvian Amazon has withdrawn from the project saying that it will ‘respect the opinion of local populations’  .  The Bettys and Taylor/UBoC project with The Rainforest Foundation UK has played a key role in this decision through its work with Central Ashaninka del Rio Ene (CARE), helping to make the voice of indigenous communities heard.  Continue reading Plans for Dam Withdrawn


Each year large areas of Amazon forest are cleared to make way for cattle pasture in a process called slash and burn. Trees are cut and left to dry before being burnt. As well as releasing large quantities of carbon dioxide these fires emit substantial amounts of smoke into the atmosphere which can cause air quality problems and additional impacts on climate. Black carbon within the smoke particles causes the particles to absorb radiation and warm climate. The smoke particles can also influence the properties of clouds (causing warming or a cooling) and can result in changes to rainfall patterns potentially delaying the start of the wet season. The overall climate impact of the smoke particles is not well known. Continue reading SAMBBA