Terrific Tropical Trees: Tanzania

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This project is now under weigh, working with Dr Andy Marshall from the University of York (who is also the Director of Conservation at Flamingo Land).

The following 10,000 seedlings are now successfully growing in the nursery in Katurukila village, Tanzania. These are intended for planting in February 21018, and Dr Marshall will be going in Tanzania soon to oversee the planting. The team usually plant at this time of year because the rains begin in March, so the trees will be well-watered.

Seedling type                              Number of species Number of seedlings

Native species purchased                               2                           3000

Native species collected locally                  10                         5000

Total native species                                            12                          8000

Exotic species purchased                                0                             0

Exotic species collected locally                    3                            2000

Total exotic species                                             3                            2000

The Samuel Grant Packaging donation has paid for part of the salary of the Project Forester, Sixbeth, who will work with local villagers to ensure survival of the trees.

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