Dr Cat Scott

Cat is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and coordinates the Leeds Ecosystem, Atmosphere and Forest (LEAF) centre, UBoC’s academic partner at the University of Leeds.


Cat’s research focuses on the way that the natural aspects of our planet, particularly forests, interact with human activities. During her PhD she examined the impacts that forests have on the climate, specifically the effect that plants can have on clouds via their role in atmospheric processes.

Before commencing her PhD, Cat studied for an undergraduate degree in Chemistry at the University of Manchester and a Masters in Environmental Engineering at the University of Leeds.

At LEAF, Cat is responsible for managing the Leeds4Trees partnership with Leeds City Council, the Leeds Forest Observatory and the primary school Trees Investigation, part of the BBC’s Terrific Scientific project.

Find out more about the LEAF centre here, and follow LEAF on Twitter or Facebook.

Contact details

Twitter: @catzigle
Email: catherine.scott@unitedbankofcarbon.com

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