Dr Ed Butt

e.buttAs UBoC’s first PhD student, Ed’s studies focused on how residential combustion of solid fuels contribute to air quality degradation and detrimental human health outcomes. Nearly 3 billion people still depend on the combustion of solid fuels to fulfil their energy needs such as for cooking and heating. The smoke from the combustion of these fuels leads to millions of premature deaths annually due harmful air pollution exposures. This smoke can also perturb the radiation budget of the Earth leading impacts on climate. Moreover, the collection of solid fuels, such as wood or the production of charcoal can lead to deforestation pressures in some regions. Given the multitude of impacts of residential solid fuel combustion, a major part of Ed’s research is to explore how the introduction of cleaner and fuel efficient combustion technologies such as clean cookstoves, processed solid fuels, and clean alternative energy (e.g. natural gas, electricity) might help mitigate some of these impacts.

Since graduating in January 2019, Dr Butt has joined the UBoC research team, working mainly with Professor Dom Spracklen on the DECAF project.

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