Kate Sambrook

For my undergraduate degree I studied BSc Geography and I have recently completed an MSc in Climate Change and Environmental Policy; both at the University of Leeds.

For my MSc project, I worked in collaboration with the Bettys and Taylors Group of Harrogate and studied the impact of coffee cultivation on deforestation in Peru. Forest cover and loss data was obtained from the global forest change (GFC) product of Hansen et al (2013); IDL was the primary programme used to manipulate, visualise and analyse the data. In order to make a causal inference on the contribution of coffee cultivation to deforestation in each province, a simple non-statistical matching method was devised centred on the basic principles of the ideal statistical approach.

I am now working as a research assistant for Professor Piers Forster at the University of Leeds and I am looking into whether the characteristics of tropical cyclones have changed or even will change in a warming climate and if so, how?

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