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Save the rainforests, save the world

As a B2B PR consultancy specialising in professional services, much of our work tends to involve writing fairly gritty, technical articles, often around complex financial issues.  When we came across an organisation which needed to communicate with businesses to persuade them to support environmental projects that are protecting the world’s rainforests and so reducing climate change – we were inspired to help. Continue reading Save the rainforests, save the world

Act now to protect the future

A recent article in the Daily Mail brought home to me the importance of thinking and acting for the long term.  It seems that back in 1991, a child won a drawing competition sponsored by Taylors Yorkshire Tea and her prize was for 650 trees to be planted in Ethiopia in her name as part of an Oxfam project in the Hararghe region. Continue reading Act now to protect the future

carbon mitigation needs a jump start

International Energy Agency (IEA) have just announced (see the BBC news story) that world carbon dioxide emissions have risen above 30 billion tonnes for the first time, despite the recession and some good intentions. Of all carbon emissions deforestation is the most variable from year to year, showing that it is the  sector that is most susceptible to  economic pressures. We can use these to our advantage though as it shows that small changes  could quickly leverage rapid significant mitigation.  I am more convinced than ever that as a fast acting mitigation solution, saving the rainforest is unparalleled.

Piers Forster, University of Leeds

Tea Cosy Auctions and Llama Treks…

We have been delighted with the achievements of our first three year project with the Rainforest Foundation UK to help protect 237,000 hectares of Peru’s Amazon rainforest. This project is all about working with the people who call the rainforest home, so we are supporting the 10,000 strong Ashaninka community in Peru, ensuring that they have the legal framework, skills and resources to continue to live in the rainforest and protect it from outside interests. With the Ashaninka’s representative body, the Central Ashaninka of the River Ene (CARE), putting our project into place on the ground, the community is being given support to manage their forest land and establish sustainable livelihoods within the rainforest. Continue reading Tea Cosy Auctions and Llama Treks…