Meet the Mud Monster!

It’s out! And you can buy it here

The Mud Monster is a huge and horrible beast. Everyone knows that it lives in the muddy pond, and everyone is afraid of it. Yet no one has actually seen it. Then one day it appears, causing terror all round. And it has a really amazing variety of shapes. An awful lot of mud has to be washed off before the truth emerges. An ideal bath time book that also shows how working together is the best way to get things done!

The Mud Monster is the second in the Five Flamingos series by UBoC chairman Jonathan Wild, featuring the same group of African jungle animals, and is a sequel to The Carnivorous Crocodile.

And once again, the money it raises will be donated on UBoC conservation and tree planting projects in Tanzania.

Let Them Be Small said: “this is a great picture book that very cleverly demonstrates the idea that all living things need their own places to live. I liked reading this a lot with the three of them as it also includes details about animals and conservation as well as being a thoroughly enjoyable book to read.”