The Carnivorous Croc goes to School

Jonnie Wild with TIGER the Flamingo and friends

UBoC’s Chairman, Jonathan ‘Jonnie’ Wild, has been busy spreading the word in schools and bookshops about ‘The Carnivorous Crocodile’ – the proceeds of which are going to support two conservation schemes in Africa: The Udzungwa Forest Project, (one of our Terrific Tropical Trees sites), and the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group.

He’s recently made two primary school visits, including one school assembly and five individual class workshops, to talk about trees, wildlife habitats and the importance of investing in local communities as part of sustainable conservation work.

Practicing being flamingos to avoid the Carnivorous Croc.

The children made a puppet show all about the Croc and the animals pretending to be flamingos.

UK Sales are going well, and foreign language rights are now secured for Spanish, Italian and Dutch editions. With a recent presence at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, publishers Otter-Barry  have high hopes for extensive overseas sales soon.

The Carnivorous Crocodile is the first in the Five Flamingos series. You can buy it here: