Three UBoC Researchers Speak Up

Toby Green gave a talk about his PhD on Concentrated Solar Power coupled with a Thermochemical Device for the Creation of Biofuel research to Zero Carbon Harrogate last week :

There were searching questions afterwards, some of which were around the viability of energy crops and the threat they can present to forests.

This happens to be what Will Rolls is exploring in his PhD, on the interactions between biomass fuels, forest growth and carbon emissions:

(Audio download is currently available here:

Meanwhile, UBoC researcher Kate Sambrook briefed James McMahon (sports journalist with RTE; Ireland’s Public Service Broadcaster) about carbon / climate impacts on sport.

You can hear his report here:

“With experts predicting even more pronounced changes to weather activity in the decades to come, sport, as a result, will have to deal with the seismic consequences…”