Two Kinds of Yum Yum!

We have news of two kinds of Yum Yum Tree at UBoC this week.

The first is the (semi) fictitious kind – as described in typically charming and educational detail by the pen and brush of our Chair, Jonnie Wild, and his illustrator, Brita Granström, in their new book for small children. This is the third, along with The Carnivorous Crocodile and the Mud Monster to feature the Five Flamingos.

And, again, all profits are going to support our Reforest Africa project.

The second Yum Yum tree is real, and it comes in a tweet from our colleague Dr Andy Marshall, who runs Reforest Africa:

“So humbled to have inspired another kids’ story book with my tree species discovery from the custard apple family (Annonaceae), published in @PhytoKeys and named by two schools. Here is the fruit from the REAL Yum Yum Tree. Sadly it doesn’t taste of custard… or apples!”

Is it just me, or do those fruits look a bit like green flamingoes?

Andy also writes:

“I have a time-sensitive fundraising campaign that I need to advertise. With help from the Rainforest Trust, we recently purchased the first 10 acres of land for our new Udzungwa Botanic Garden in Tanzania. It will support forest restoration and threatened tree species conservation across a 20,000 km-square region. But to get it fully operational, we are now looking to extend it by a further 10-15 acres.”

We have two weeks to raise the first $5,000 to keep our place on the funding platform (Global Giving):

So please – donate to help the Botanic Garden project AND buy the book – which will in turn also help the Botanic Garden project (though perhaps by a slightly smaller sum!