Wombling for Tree Guards

The UBoC Womble at Upper Bargh Wood above Settle yesterday was a great if exhausting success.

Jonathan brings yet more tubes!
Triage pile
Dead pile
Undead pile

We re-staked and re-tubed what trees we could, made triage piles of old tree tubes to be sorted into ‘dead’ and ‘undead’ hoppers, and made lots of new Womble friends with other volunteers invited by our partners, the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.


We don’t think we can recycle the dead ones (wrong type of plastic), so they will probably go to energy-from-waste. Next steps are to promote Wombling BIG time; what a fantastic way to engage communities with woodland!

Toby, engineering PhD on solar conversion of biomass, develops his sylviculture skills.

Unlike planting, which can be very hard, wet and cold work, you can do it in summer, have picnics, do tree, bird, bug and animal IDs etc, and leave the wood looking much tidier and happier than when you found it. (Lisa Beresford, who created the Wombles, was a great friend, and we’re certain she would have LOVED the association)!

Upper Bargh Wood – midway between the Three Peaks

Now we continue work on the supply chain, started last Wednesday at our tree guard conference, to introduce properly recyclable polymers and/or properly biodegradable cardboards, also no- and low-tube tree planting and management systems (e.g. planting thorns first, then broadleaves among the thorns) etc.

Plastic Tree Tubes – Who Needs Them? at the ODI on 4th of November.

Watch this space!