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UBoC respects the right of our contacts to choose how we use any personal data that we hold, which typically consists of a name, organisation, email address and sometimes telephone number/s and website/s. UBoC is not a membership organisation and does not routinely email out to our network. We prefer to use our blog, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Group as appropriate to keep in touch with our friends, colleagues, partners and supporters. We do have a mailing list database, which we use very occasionally to let our network know about our activities. We keep personal data safe, and only use it for the legitimate activities of UBoC. We work with third parties for communication, research and/or general business purposes, and the protection of data remains a key priority: We will never sell, trade or rent personal details to third parties. You can review the information we hold about you, and/or change the way we communicate with you, and/or unsubscribe, using the links provided in any mail-out, or by contacting us using the methods listed above, and we will ensure that your preferences are met.

United Bank of Carbon is a not-for-profit collaboration between businesses and environmental scientists, which protects and restores forests and other greenery, through environmentally and socially-responsible partnerships with local communities. We undertake research, support forest and woodland projects in the UK and the tropics that deliver CSR/PR benefits, provide carbon reduction advice, and help to arrange compensation for unavoidable carbon emissions