Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke, a documentary about slash and burn agriculture and the attempts on the Inga Foundation to find a solution airs tonight (Tuesday 27th September, 10pm) on More 4. The program, which took 4 years to film, describes the attempts on Mike Hands and the Inga Foundation to stop slash and burn agriculture in Honduras.

The Inga Foundation is one of our project partners, see here for more information on their project.  Dominick Spracklen

Tribute to a Visionary

It was with great sadness that I learnt that Wangari Maathai had died on Sunday, aged 71.  Founder of the Kenyan Green Belt movement that mobilised impoverished Kenyan women to plant 45 million trees, she was one of the first to understand that environmental protection has a vital role to play in economic and social progress.  Continue reading Tribute to a Visionary

Straight Success

Congratulations to one of our project sponsors, Straight plc,  which has recently enjoyed a couple of notable business successes.  The Yorkshire-based recycling company has won a contract for the largest single order to date of its Steelybin containers.  Straight will supply the London Waste and Recycling Board with over 1,000 Steelybin four wheel recycling containers as part of the Board’s recycling programme. Continue reading Straight Success

Honorary Doctorate of Laws for Jonathan

Congratulations to my fellow trustee, Jonathan Wild, who recently received an honorary Doctorate of Laws from the University of Leeds in recognition of his outstanding achievements.

Former chairman and chief executive of one of Yorkshire’s best-known businesses, Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate, Jonathan enjoyed a 30 year career with the company, putting green issues on the business agenda long before it became fashionable to do so. Continue reading Honorary Doctorate of Laws for Jonathan

Green Means Hope

Since our conservation work began over 20 years ago, Women’s Institute ladies from around the country have lent their fantastic support to our efforts.  From collecting hundreds of thousands of fundraising tokens from our Yorkshire Tea and Taylors coffee packs, to protecting trees on behalf of family and friends and even knitting and donating tea cosies to help save the rainforest, we have been bowled over by their involvement and encouragement. Continue reading Green Means Hope

Save the rainforests, save the world

As a B2B PR consultancy specialising in professional services, much of our work tends to involve writing fairly gritty, technical articles, often around complex financial issues.  When we came across an organisation which needed to communicate with businesses to persuade them to support environmental projects that are protecting the world’s rainforests and so reducing climate change – we were inspired to help. Continue reading Save the rainforests, save the world

Act now to protect the future

A recent article in the Daily Mail brought home to me the importance of thinking and acting for the long term.  It seems that back in 1991, a child won a drawing competition sponsored by Taylors Yorkshire Tea and her prize was for 650 trees to be planted in Ethiopia in her name as part of an Oxfam project in the Hararghe region. Continue reading Act now to protect the future

United Bank of Carbon is a not-for-profit collaboration between businesses and environmental scientists, which protects and restores forests and other greenery, through environmentally and socially-responsible partnerships with local communities. We undertake research, support forest and woodland projects in the UK and the tropics that deliver CSR/PR benefits, provide carbon reduction advice, and help to arrange compensation for unavoidable carbon emissions