Community Partners

Increasingly, UBoC has been approached by community groups and individuals wanting to offset carbon officially, or just to support tree and other carbon-friendly projects – and we’re glad to be able to help.

One recent example is Christ Church, High Harrogate – the oldest church in town, which dates back to the 1830s. In 2016, it began an active programme of improving its sustainability and environmental performance. One major focus was reducing its carbon footprint as its contribution toward limiting climate change.

The existing 35 year old boiler and hot water heating system was replaced by a modern energy efficient system; loft insulation was brought up to current standards and a rolling programme to replace existing lights with low energy LED lights was instituted. These steps are expected to reduce the church’s carbon footprint by over 25%. However Christ Church did wish to become carbon neutral immediately. Having reviewed several options they approached UBoC for help, and we suggested that they could offset residual CO2 from their energy consumption by supporting the Trees of Hope project in Malawi via Plan VivoThe choice was a good one for several reasons: Christ Church already has links with another very different community improvement project in Malawi, and UBoC has strong links with Harrogate, with key team members living in town. 

Other recent partners have included people buying carbon credits on behalf of their grandchildren, a family offsetting emissions associated with a wedding in New York, and another family donating generously to the Terrific Tropical Trees project, to ensure that every primary school in the UK would be represented by at least one tree.

United Bank of Carbon is a not-for-profit collaboration between businesses and environmental scientists, which protects and restores forests and other greenery, through environmentally and socially-responsible partnerships with local communities. We undertake research, support forest and woodland projects in the UK and the tropics that deliver CSR/PR benefits, provide carbon reduction advice, and help to arrange compensation for unavoidable carbon emissions