Farnell element14

With business interests in renewable energy and sustainable electronic design, Farnell element14 has partnered with Fauna and Flora International and the Tongwe Trust to provide solar fridges for the storage of vaccines in remote rural communities of the Mahale Mountains in Western Tanzania.


Farnell element14 has also provided the communities of Mahale with LED solar lighting kits to replace the currently used kerosene wick lamps, which are significant producers of black carbon and detrimental to both human health and climate.


“Renewable energy and sustainable electronic design is of major importance to the future of our industry. UBoC has enabled us to partner with tribes in the remote Mahale Mountains in western Tanzania to provide solar fridges for the storage of vaccines, giving us the opportunity to start a partnership that demonstrates sustainable technologies in action.”
Alan Paterson, Marketing Director, Europe, Premier Farnell

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