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Up to 25 per cent of global carbon emissions come from the destruction of the rainforest. Forests are already helping to save the world from climate change by absorbing the carbon dioxide we emit into the atmosphere as well as being home to almost half of the world’s biodiversity and helping to sustain the livelihoods of one billion of the poorest people on earth.

Despite this, every year up to 12 million hectares of tropical forest are being destroyed, contributing up to 15 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions – more than from all global transport put together. UBoC can provide an innovative solution to climate change by matching businesses with rainforest projects to facilitate investment in the protection of our planet.

We understand what businesses want and what rainforest protection NGOs can provide. By using the skills of the University of Leeds’ School of Earth and Environment, we have rigorously screened projects which we can partner with appropriate businesses. We can ensure that both parties get what they need. UBoC will support this relationship throughout the project with a quality, professional approach, helping businesses to maximise the benefits of their investment.

(When you support a project or offset carbon emissions though us, 100% of your donation goes to the forest project and we often encourage you to give directly to the project. We can afford to do this as our running costs and research are supported by separate donations and lots of good will!  Please get in touch if you would like to donate to either a project or our research). 




Central and South America


Leeds4Trees and Leeds Forest Observatory

Natural Capital Valuation Project

Terrific Scientific (BBC Learning)


There are good but very different reasons for supporting projects in the UK versus projects in the topics. Twinning two schemes, one in each region, turns a choice into a mutually beneficial opportunity: Forest Twins


Sustainable Carbon Offsetting

The Greenery Machinery


United Bank of Carbon is a not-for-profit collaboration between businesses and environmental scientists, which protects and restores forests and other greenery, through environmentally and socially-responsible partnerships with local communities. We undertake research, support forest and woodland projects in the UK and the tropics that deliver CSR/PR benefits, provide carbon reduction advice, and help to arrange compensation for unavoidable carbon emissions