Trees of Hope

Community Carbon as a Vehicle for Trading with Rural Communities in Malawi

Trees of Hope – Malawi

Please note: Because this scheme is not currently issuing new carbon credits, we are not able to retire carbon with Trees of Hope at the moment. Please visit MJUMITA Community Forest for tropical offsets.

This project is raising awareness of climate change in rural Africa, a part of the world most vulnerable to its impacts and where the need to adapt is critical. Communities in Malawi are being given the opportunity to improve their farming methods and livelihoods whilst enhancing their resilience to climate change.

The Clinton Development Initiative (CDI) has been working with the rural communities of Dowa and Neno since 2007, training the residents in tree planting and the establishment and maintenance of agroforestry land-use systems such as orchards. This training includes innovative techniques known to naturally improve soil fertility and increase crop yields. Over 2,000 households are already involved, managing a total of 700 hectares.

Aside from the direct benefits of improved access to wood and fruit, these communities are generating a tradable product in the form of Community Carbon Credits, a verified emissions reduction (VER) certificate, for every tonne of carbon dioxide sequestered through tree planting. These credits are independently audited, and regularly monitored, by Plan Vivo to ensure that the highest scientific and social standards are met.

This project is perfect for a small organisation wishing to offset its carbon emissions. The United Bank of Carbon can calculate the carbon footprint associated with your organisation’s operations or travel and retire the required number of credits on your behalf, for around £7 per tonne of carbon dioxide. This is a unique opportunity for your organisation to demonstrate both environmental and social responsibility.

United Bank of Carbon is a not-for-profit collaboration between businesses and environmental scientists, which protects and restores forests and other greenery, through environmentally and socially-responsible partnerships with local communities. We undertake research, support forest and woodland projects in the UK and the tropics that deliver CSR/PR benefits, provide carbon reduction advice, and help to arrange compensation for unavoidable carbon emissions