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Udzungwa Forest Project, photo © Dr Andy Marshall

The 4,000 Terrific Tropical Trees sponsored by Samuel Grant Packaging in Tanzania are being planted by Reforest Africa’s Udzungwa Forest Project,  where research (sponsored by UBoC and Flamingo Land) is being carried out by Dr Andy Marshall from both the University of York and the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia, who is also the Director of Conservation at Flamingo Land.

In partnership with rural villages in a newly protected area, the project is restoring former forest land by clearing weeds and planting – including by local schoolchildren – a large number of trees.

The trees have been grown from seed in association with the Tanzania Tree Seed Agency and the Millennium Seed Bank, using a combination of nursery and laboratory seed germination trials, satellite mapping, and experimental plots to develop scientifically-validated methods which can encourage regrowth of a native community of tree species. Over time, these will mimic the original forest composition as closely as possible.

In 2018 more than 15,000 trees have been planted (including the 4,000 Terrific Tropical Trees), focusing on village woodlots, government institutions such as school and health centers, and some private land.

In the woodlots, the team are filling gaps in previously planted areas where trees did not survive an extended dry season last year.

1500 native trees have been planted in Msolwa station, 1000 trees in Katurukila  and1500 trees in Magombera.

Samuel Grant Packaging are committed to reducing the impact that packaging has on the environment. They help their clients to reduce packaging consumption and waste and advise how all parts of the packaging process can be recycled and reused. Samuel Grant Packaging’s award-winning sister company, Marmax Recycled Products,  reuse milk bottles to create high quality, durable, maintenance-free outdoor furniture and play equipment.

“Samuel Grant Packaging are delighted to support this project. It’s really important to us to give back to the environment, and it’s great to be able to further cement our partnership with UBOC and our local university.” Andrew Grant, Managing Director 

Katurukila Village Executive Officer and Project Co-ordinator, Herman Lyatuu

The following 10,000 seedlings are now successfully growing in the nursery in Katurukila village, Tanzania. 

Seedling type                              Number of species Number of seedlings

Native species purchased                               2                           3000

Native species collected locally                  10                         5000

Total native species                                            12                          8000

Exotic species purchased                                0                             0

Exotic species collected locally                    3                            2000

Total exotic species                                             3                            2000

The Samuel Grant Packaging donation has also paid for part of the salary of the Project Forester, Sixbeth, who will work with local villagers to ensure survival of the trees.

Tree Nursery Attendant, Happy Teddy Mpwepwa

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