Act now to protect the future

A recent article in the Daily Mail brought home to me the importance of thinking and acting for the long term.  It seems that back in 1991, a child won a drawing competition sponsored by Taylors Yorkshire Tea and her prize was for 650 trees to be planted in Ethiopia in her name as part of an Oxfam project in the Hararghe region.

Twenty years later, one of her parents wrote to the newspaper to ask what had become of their ten year old daughter’s legacy.  Taylors was able to tell her that the hillsides and fields that had been turning to dust back in the ‘90s as the trees were felled in the quest for land, fuel and food were now once again lush and green.  In fact, with the support of its customers, Taylors had been able to plant hundreds of thousands of trees in the highlands of Deder and Mata, helping to prevent the loss of the fertile topsoil vital to farmers and benefiting more than 7,800 local families.

It’s a wonderful example not only of constancy of purpose, but also of the importance of everyone making a contribution.  The actions we take now really can make a huge difference – every sapling planted now contributes to the forests for future generations.

Jonathan Wild

Update: We are delighted to have recently been contacted by the subject of this story, in Nov 2019. Unfortunately our emails in reply are all bouncing. (Sally – if you read this, please contact us again, but from a different email address, or ring 07885 965 222).