Leap year for Deloitte

When we became a founding member of United Bank of Carbon, we never expected that our involvement would lead to a new species of frog being named after Deloitte in recognition of our rainforest conservation work.

Discovered in the Rubeho Forest in 2005, the new species of frog has been named by the African Rainforest Conservancy (ARC), an agency set up to conserve and restore Africa’s rainforests.  The honour is in recognition of our work in helping to preserve the Rubeho Forest in Tanzania, an ecologically distinct part of the country known as the ‘Galapagos of Africa’. 

 Through its partnership with UBoC, Deloitte identified a rainforest conservation project with the Tanzania Forest Conservation group to provide an opportunity for our team to support an environmental cause through fundraising and volunteering. 

We’ve raised over £200,000 to support the project in the past year with all funds going towards the on-going conservation of the entire mountain and forest range in the Rubeho region and helping to ensure the local community can earn a sustainable living from the forest.

This project was a pioneering move by Deloitte.  We wanted to demonstrate our commitment to the rainforest, to biodiversity and to the development needs of local people.  And we wanted to learn more about how we could make a difference in remote and important parts of the world. 

At Deloitte, we believe it is our responsibility to show leadership in tackling the environmental challenges that face us all.  It is a rare honour that ARC have chosen to name a newly discovered species from the Ruhebo region for our firm, and one we will cherish.

Heather Hancock, Managing Partner for Innovation and Brand at Deloitte