More Safestyle Trees go in

Trees paid for by a generous donation from Safestyle UK have been planted at a site in Marsden, near the Butterly Dam, by the Colne Valley Tree Society, aka Tree People. 

Photo by Simon Lyes.

Over the past two Saturdays they planted 190 and then 231  Oak,  Scots Pine, Holly and Aspen, with 45 still to do to make up the full 500 donated by Safestyle via UBoC.

So if you fancy working off that Christmas excess and getting your boots nice and muddy, just let us know!

The new guards – photo by Simon Lyes.

Many thanks to both Safestyle UK and Tree People for helping to plant trees which will soon be doing their bit to help keep Planet Earth on track for no more than 1.5 degrees of warming. (Well, we like to be optimistic at UBoC)!

Tree People are a registered charity and group of volunteers who plant native species trees in and around the Colne Valley.

Colne Valley Tree Society taking a well-earned break. Photo by Simon Lyes.

Last year, Safestyle UK also planted 182 trees as part of Trees for Cities project in Low Moor, South Bradford.