UBoC aims to promote environmental sustainability by protecting and restoring the world’s forests, and green spaces. We do this by facilitating environmentally and socially responsible partnerships between organisations with common objectives and goals. Drawing on years of experience in developing such partnerships, UBoC can assist in the concept, planning and implementation of partnerships that can be sure to deliver.

UBoC is based on the principle that by working together businesses, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), civil society, government, academic institutions and individuals, can change the world; making a difference both at local and global scales.

Our primary objectives are to

  1. Provide key research to assess the benefits of forests for climate, biodiversity, water resources, local livelihoods, and health and wellbeing. Focussing on research with clear environmental, economic and societal impact.
  2. Support local and national businesses to realise the value of forests for efficient and effective operational costs, net earnings, customer and employee retention and satisfaction, and environmental goals.
  3. Develop and maintain exemplar forest projects with our partners.
  4. Enhance community environmental education of forests both at home in Yorkshire and the UK, as well as in the tropics.
  5. Help our partners to meet their climate targets.

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